Our Story

When I founded Entoeats, it was to take my passion–food–and combine it with a purpose. Food is a complex thing. Some of us have too much of it, and some of us don't have enough. And, unfortunately, the production of traditional (and delicious) meat is stripping our planet of its resources. If we put into the context that by 2050 we will need to produce 70% more food than we do today, things can look pretty grim. Our food is either bad for us or bad for the planet – or both. How is a socially responsible foodie supposed to make it through the day?


I wondered just this. But when I learnt how nutritious and sustainable crickets are, I felt excited to discover an option that wasn’t going to make us sick, or kill the planet.  But, that’s in theory—I had to now try eating a bug!  I knew people all over the world eat insects, and I was also comforted in knowing these crickets are farmed humanely here in North America, under strict health regulations.  So down the hatch the crickets went, and I found out the most important thing: they taste good! Now, I don’t have to eat something I don’t like just to be healthy, or to keep the earth in working order. I can eat delicious food that is good for me and the environment.

So that is my mission: to get North Americans to realize these same truths.  I know most of us are not going to regularly chow down on whole crickets, so I am focused on using these insects in powder form, in everyday foods such as granola or flour. This way, we can reap all the benefits without having to stare down the critters before popping them in our mouths.  

Come join me in a food revolution! Send your body and the planet a powerful message that taste, health, and  sustainability can all be wrapped up in one little chirpy package!


Chirp on, Jennifer