Speaker Series - Edible Insects: The Planets Most Sustainable Superfood

I recently got the chance to speak about edible insects and do a cooking demo - I love proving to people that incorporating crickets into their daily food can be easy and delicious.    

Dr. Jarrod Goldin and I spent some time telling an audience of green-consumers about the concept first.   Most importantly, why would you do this?   Of course, the why is deeply rooted in the destructive impact farming has on the environment.   As North Americans, we eat a lot of protein - much much more than people in developing nations.   Production of that protein uses massive amounts water, land & air resources - so much so that animal farming is responsible for 18% of all global emissions.   We don't talk about it much because we assume it is a necessary evil - we all have to eat, right?  Yes, but what we eat makes a big difference.   Educating consumers is a passion of both Jarrod's and mine.

Then it was onto the fun stuff - whip up a batch of homemade granola with cricket protein.  First I introduced 'cricket protein'.  It's a powder, it looks like flax but a bit darker. Simply, roasted crickets that have been milled into a fine powder and can be used in a million different ways.   Today I mixed it with the dry ingredients of Entoeats' Granola - oats, cinnamon, shredded coconut, almonds & sunflower seeds.  Then I added the wet ingredients - coconut oil, vanilla extract & pure maple syrup.   It took me all of 10 mins and that included talking while I mixed - describing portion sizes, etc.

Once I was done, we passed around some samples and I didn't see anyone not give it a try - success!   The audience questions were mostly about the farming of crickets so it was handy that the farmer was there.

Reaching these kinds of audiences is critical in sparking the discussion about new and sustainable ways to feed ourselves and it is so much fun to watch people move from disbelief to believer!